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If you are looking to build a successful online business, then selling private label sunglasses is the right direction.  It offers you incredible upside to maximize profits, while building your own brand and company!

The world of e-Commerce offers entrepreneurs the amazing possibility to develop and grow a successful online business, right from the comfort of their own home. However, business owners must make the right choice form so much opportunities in order to grow their venture effectively. What many beginner entrepreneurs focus on is simply pushing generic, low-quality goods. There are online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and more that provides efficient selling solutions for them. While this may offer a chance at passive income, it does not help them build a reputable and respected brand.

White Labeling vs. Private Labeling: Which is Better?

Often times, those looking for products to sell online are confused by the terms white label products and private label products. While both of them are used by e-Commerce business owners, there is a clear advantage to using private labeled products for your company.

What is white labeling?

White labeling is when you source pre-made products from a manufacturer, then simply place your logo and branding on each item. This means that the products are designed, produced and quality-controlled by the manufacturer, with you having no direct input in the creative process.

What is private labeling?

Private labeling is when you strike a deal with a manufacturer to create products based on exactly what you want. For example, if you are private labeling sunglasses, then you design the look, feel and style of the items, with the sourced company solely providing the manufacturing.

Starting your brand out with white label sunglasses

The best way to begin your journey into e-Commerce sunglasses sales is to source white label items. White label allow you to build your brand while minimizing your costs.
The benefits of white label sunglasses are:

●      Lower Minimum Order Quantity - You can limit your order quantity as low as 12 pairs per style if you are buying inventory from the wholesaler. This gives you the great advantage of stocking a variety of styles with limited investment, helping you offer a wide collection right from the start.

●      Shorter Production Time - In fashion, timing can be everything. Sunglass wholesaler can provide you with your full orders in shorter time frames In other words, you can have your products ready earlier, keeping you ahead of the competition.

●      Less Startup Capital – You can avoid costs such as production runs, design, molds and more from the outset because the wholesaler already have the sunglasses in stock and ready for branding.

The Transition into Private Labeling

After you have established your brand in the fashion accessory world, saved some of your profits and have built up a loyal following, you are ready to move into the world of private label sunglasses. This means that you can place custom orders directly to the manufacturer.
It can offers you incredible flexibility and creativity that drives business growth, such as:

●      Full Customization - By coming up with your own designs and color combinations, you open up amazing new doors for growth as a sunglasses brand. You can discover what works best with your target market. Then blend that information with emerging fashion trends to really breakout in the world of e-Commerce.

●      Improved Quality - Typically, you are able to reinvest your profits into creating higher quality sunglasses after moving to private label. If you have already built a strong reputation, then it is time to expand.  Private label will help you when existing and new customers see the higher quality glasses in your new collection.

●      Build Brand Identity - Each time that you are able to start a pair of sunglasses from scratch, you are adding to the reputation of your brand. Private label sunglasses help you further the vision you have for your company.  In addition, allowing it to grow with the expectations of your clients.

The benefit of private label sunglasses over white label sunglasses.

You retain absolute control of your collections from the past, while developing your brand without any design restrictions. Meanwhile, those use white label sunglasses are stuck with the limited designs from mass production generic white label products. When you choose to private label, not only are you in complete control of the products that are attached to your business, you are able to maximize profits by only paying manufacture cost.

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Private Label Strategy Part I: Using Private Labels to Build a Successful Sunglasses Brand

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