Sunglasses are an irreplaceable component of Hip-Hop culture.

A pair of sunglasses is part of a dressing code, a style, and even a representation.

Even some sunglasses styles are becoming a symbol for certain artists and celebrities.

Under their influence, these styles became instant classics and inflation of retail price.

Let's take a look at some of the most recent popular Hip Hop styles sunglasses:

The Bling Bling Characteristic and Extension of Hip-Hop Style.

Bling Bling according to Wikipedia: "flashy jewelry worn especially as an indication of wealth or status".

Therefore, aside from decorating your sunglasses with flashy jewelry, the current trending styles are gold color-themed sunglasses or sunglasses with multi-color lenses.

Red, yellow, orange, yellow, and blue gradient colors are the most unique lens colors.

Gold color-themed sunglasses usually features gold frame or colors close to gold, sometimes it would feature silver temple.

Hip Hop Celebrity's Influence

Until the late 20th century, when it became part of fashion, every known hip-hop artist had to wear sunglasses.

No fashion style is immune from a celebrity, especially if it is worn by a famous artist such as Rick Ross.

According to “Talik Kwebi” when he spoke in an interview with the vintage frame company, “Artists like Rick Ross and I don’t take off our sunglasses, it is part of us.”  He further said, “I only remove my sunglasses when I want to connect with my audience on stage”.

Party Outfit

In the recent century, sunglass accentuates party outfits.

Hip-hop artists do not only wear sunglasses to complete a fashion style; they wear them to hide their eyes and expression—for example, Rick Ross.

The hip-hop artist Rick Ross' style of music is more suited for night parties and clubs.

Thus, he is paid to perform in nightclubs most of the time.

To prevent the rays of light and hide the red-eye effect caused by this lighting, he added sunglasses to his fashion.

For somebody like Drake, sunglasses to him is more of fashion and his brand. Let’s take a look at popular sunglass styles among hip-hop artists.

Let's take a look at popular sunglasses styles among hip-hop artists.

Aviator/Pilot Sunglasses

Since their invention, the aviator sunglasses were initially designed for pilots, and until the recent century when they are popularized for fashion.

The aviator features a distinct teardrop shape and a metal frame with gradient color lenses.

Square Aviator

53117-AP 1217-SD 1303-AP 53090S-AP

Credit NPR

Teardrop Aviator

53114-FLAP 3212GT-FLOCR 5126-FLREV 5130-FLOCR



Butterfly Sunglasses

This is also common among artists.

If you are talking about sunglasses that are large and always in charge, you can never be wrong with the butterfly style.

Designed to cover much of the face and generally oversized.

34211-FLAP 3123-FLAP 3346-FLAP 34141-FLOCR

Photo Credit: Vogue


Also known as browline sunglasses.

The sunglass thick frame is designed to be in line with your brows.

Want a classic look, club master is a pick. It has a thicker plastic frame at the top and a thinner metal rim at the bottom.

53112BM-SD 3316-O-FLREV 53092WD-P1 53096-FLSD

Credit Pinterest


Oval-shaped sunglasses

Looking for oval-framed sunglasses, you’ve got your choice.

The oval sunglasses are a staple for any collection.

Designed to fit almost any face shape.

3126-FLREV 3337-FLREV 3146-FLREV 53116-P1


Rectangle sunglasses

These sunglasses feature a rectangular lens and angular corners with rounded edges.

The frame is, of course, plastic and wide.

5144-FLREV 5175-FLSD 34111TT-FLAP 53102-FLSD



The last on our list is the Wayfarer sunglasses.

These sunglasses are versatile and feature a thick frame and trapezoidal shape.

This represents its signature. It fits most face shapes and outfits.

Other popular types of sunglasses suitable for the hip-hop industry include square-framed sunglasses, shield sunglasses, round-framed sunglasses, and semi-rimless sunglasses.

These styles of sunglasses come in different colors of lenses.

The types of the lens include mirrored lenses, polarized, anti-reflective, photochromic, Gradient, Gray and Green lens, brown lens, yellow/Amber/Gold lens, blue, and purple lens, and the flash coating lenses.

34189-P 34183-AP 5401AS-P 34180-SD


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