It is common to find many male Hollywood celebrities wearing sunglasses whether they are attending a ceremony or just walking down the street.

Sunglasses have the ability to add symmetry to your facial features, and also make the features more pronounced and three-dimensional.

At the same time, it adds an air of mystery to the wearer.

According to a street survey, women are 75% more attracted to men who wear glasses than to those who don't.

The general consensus was that glasses gave the men a more mature and responsible air.

So, it is crucial for a gentleman to have a pair of sunglasses to create a unique look for himself.


Choose glasses for your unique face shape

Because sunglasses make your features look more three-dimensional and make them more pronounced.

Therefore, when choosing a frame shape, remember to choose a frame shape that is different from your face shape.

For example, if you have a round face, you should wear a boxy style with strong lines, while if you have a square face, you should wear round-shaped sunglasses with softly rounded lines.

The reason for this is, that if you have a round face and wear sunglasses with round frames, it will make your face look even rounder and highlight that aspect of your facial features.

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Choose a frame material for the style you want to create

Once you've decided on the shape of the frame, choose the material of the frame.

The material and texture of the frames can be an extension of the overall style or an accent to the look.

If you want to present a more mature image, you’ll need a more subtle pair of metal frame glasses.

Metal is rich in texture and has always been one of the hallmarks of the British college style, making people look professional and full of literary sense.

In addition, nowadays, metal frames are no longer limited to gold and silver, and recently there are many new colors, such as rose gold.

If you prefer plastic frames, you will exude a more casual and lively feel, especially with thicker and clear frames.

In recent years, new mixed frames are also popular.

Although they often do not have the visual impact of full plastic frames or the elegance of full metal, they can always be a good balance when a single style is too much.

With both characteristics of plastic and metal, the combination of the two materials is much more versatile.

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  • Choose the color of your lenses to match the color of your outfit

Once the frame shape and material are decided, it's time to choose the color of the lenses.

The color of the lenses can be matched with the overall color of the outfit. 

If you are wearing dark and earthy colors, you can match them with color or mirror lenses to add brightness to the overall look.

However, if you are already wearing a very bright or warm color scheme, it is recommended to wear sunglasses with black lenses to avoid over-mixing the colors of the whole body and looking chaotic.

With COVID-19, masks have also become a must-have accessory when going out.

When your face is covered by both masks and sunglasses, it is very important to match the color scheme of both.

The same principle as above should be followed: the color of the lenses should not conflict with the color of the mask.

Here is a simple tip, no matter what style and lens color sunglasses you wear, the safest and most versatile choice is to wear a white or black mask.

The white or black mask allows others to focus on your carefully selected sunglasses.

In the past, guys who wore glasses were often thought of as nerds, or as the unkempt type who didn't care about dressing up.

But nowadays it's completely different. Glasses are a style, a fashion, and one of the best accessories for men.

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