I’m sure we all just want this surprising and unpredictable 2020 to end but the Sunglass fashion Trend for 2021 is here.

Virtual Shows are happening and people are not very happy.

But the passion for fashion hasn’t changed for the next SS Fashion Trend 2021 and brings more surprises on fashion and trends.

Tokyo, Paris, Milan, New York, and London are proposing a wide variety of styles.

Some Fashion Trend 2021 are so Street style inspired and comes with broad and eclectic trends.

Power suits, 80’s inspired Oversized, Serene Tunics, Flower print, Geometric and exuberant prints, Rockabilly to preppy, and everything in between.

2021 breaks all trends molds and brings you the opportunity to combine exuberant colors with beige and accomplish a fun look.

The “Boyfriend” look

creating a long silhouette, shoulder pads, and a pair of horned rim sunglasses:

Oversized-Shoulder Pad-Boyfriend-Jackets credit the trend spotter

credit the trend spotter

5401ASBLK-PKREV 34180-SD

The “Boyfriend” look 2.0

Relaxed fit, shoulder pads, and turtle neck sweater:


street style, blond girl walking

Photographed by Thomas Razzano

SQ Aviator Bamboo Unisex Sunglasses Wholesale 540817BM-SD


Polarized Square Women Wholesale Sunglasses 34189-P

34189-P Polarized

Vibrant colors

Shoulder padded power suit, and Round sunglasses:

Hot pink suit Photo Courtesy Balmain

Photo Credit Balmain

3365-FLAP 3179-FLREV

Less is More!

Trench coat + Knee-high boots:


Street style, girl and navigators

Credit Vogue

Polarized Square Unisex Bulk Wholesale Sunglasses 1209S-P




Bubble Gum Pink Capri pants and Wire butterfly sunglasses:

Photographed by Paul Gonzales, credit Vogue

Photographed by Paul Gonzales, credit Vogue

3206-FLOCR 3357-FLP

Modern- Vintage blend

Biker Jacket over bold colors and geometric pattern, perfect for a wired brow bar Soho sunglass:

Photographed by Thomas Razzano, credit Vogue

Photographed by Thomas Razzano, credit Vogue

53092WD-P1 53112BM-SD-BAG
Bamboo Temples
540916ATT-AP 541042TT-REV

Flower Pattern


Street style Photographed by Photographed by Paul Gonzales, girl on cat eyes

Credit Vogue

Cat Eye Ladies Bulk Wholesale Sunglasses 34166-FLSD




Comfortable Patched Painter Jumpsuit and Bladed sunglasses:

Photographed by Paul Gonzales, credit Vogue

Photographed by Paul Gonzales, credit Vogue

1423/REV 570124-REV 570128-REV 570130MMT/RV
Safety Z87


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