2020 new arrivals keep bringing more fashion and more colors and new sunglass styles.

As every months we are proud to give you more new styles, lens and frames options.

Don't hesitate to make your statement

The second month of the new decade and little by little Summer is getting here.

So! Prepare yourself and enjoy the fashion before the heat and summer arrives.

New Arrivals February 2020, Make your statement

Remember, sunglasses are a fashion statement all year around.

Butterfly shaped front.

Shiny metal frame with light and feminine colors









Slightly oversize Cat eye Sunglass.

Gold trim accents and modern Glamour.

New Arrivals February 2020 | T H Sunglass | Make your statement








Contemporary oversize Geometric shape sunglass.

Crystal frame, Gradient(Ombrè) lens.

Geometric Oversize Crystal Frame Women Sunglasses in Bulk 34211-FLAP








Contemporary oversize Square shape sunglass.

Crystal frame, Gradient(Ombrè) lens.

New Arrivals February 2020 | T H Sunglass | Make your statement








Round metal sunglass.

Legendary Mid-century Retro inspired.

Round Unisex Wholesale Sunglasses 5146-OCR








Other lenses available:   Gradient,    Pink Mirror only,   Polarized

Square Aviator Retro inspired Sunglasses.

Oversized, Flat Top Frame, Gradient color lenses.

New Arrivals February 2020 | T H Sunglass | Make your statement








Faux wood, Square Shape, urban Inspired sunglasses.

Flat top Frame, Smoke lenses.

Squared Faux Wood Men Wholesale Sunglasses 540894WD-SD








More lenses and finish available:    Polarized,   Faux wood Polarized

Two words, Modern Vintage.

NOT your Grandma Oversize, Square Shape sunglasses. 

Classic and Bold colors but warm color tones.

New Arrivals February 2020 | T H Sunglass | Make your statement








Big & Tall

5.75" wide, Flat Top frame, Modern Classic, Urban Inspired.

Big&Tall Horn Rimmed Men Wholesale Sunglasses BG541076S-SD








More available:   Polarized,   Faux Wood PolarizedFaux Wood Standard lens 

Where to Find the Best Big & Tall Sunglasses this new 2020 season?

Do you want more 2020 sunglass fashion?

Specifically looking for polarized lenses?

Check out our selection of sunshine-approved shades.

Polarized lens with unmatched UV protection and make you look great in the process.

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