How to Select Your Sunglasses Manufacturer

Learn the differences between OEM and ODM sunglasses manufacturing to discover how to pick your sunglasses manufacturer for your business.

When it is time to select a sunglasses manufacturer for your company, taking the time to choose the right one can be the difference between long-term success and failure.

Each manufacturer has a unique style and history, so it is crucial that you consider all aspects of their capabilities, customer service and design methods before making a final selection.

Let’s examine all the different factors to consider when choosing a sunglasses manufacturer, so you get your brand started off right.

The Difference Between OEM and ODM Manufacturing

There are two distinct types of sunglasses manufacturing, OEM and ODM.

OEM sunglasses manufacturers stand for Original Equipment Manufacturing. This means the company will listen to your unique specifications and design requirements, then manufacture the glasses to your needs.

Any sunglasses that have a customized design, frame style, sizing or colors can be classified as OEM.

ODM sunglasses manufacturers, which stand for Original Design Manufacturing, will design the sunglasses before manufacturing, and then make your sunglasses.

Thereafter, they will include your company’s branding on the finished product, providing them to you ready for retail sale.

OEM vs. ODM Sunglasses: Selecting the Right Manufacturer for Your Needs

Both styles of sunglasses manufacturing have their own positive benefits. ODM companies can also provide your business with the latest styles, as the ODM will often take design cues from the most in-demand brands at the moment.

When ordering ODM, it means that the manufacturer has a mold (their new design with their own mold or a new design with a new mold).

This means that working with an ODM sunglasses manufacturer can offer you premium styles and products that simply need branding in order for you to sell them.

The benefits of OEM sunglasses manufacturing is that you are in charge of the design.

As an emerging sunglasses brand, being able to create customized sunglasses based on what you believe your clients will love will help you establish a specialized look at sets you apart from the competition.

Price to Quality Ratio

Sunglasses Manufacturer Price to Quality Ratio

As with producing any product, the first thing you should look for in a sunglasses manufacturing firm is the best quality that you can receive in your price range.

In order to do this, you must first establish your retail price point by recognizing where you will be in the market. If you plan to offer budget sunglasses, then your production budget will be lower.

If you have an established brand and can charge customers more, then you can increase your manufacturing costs.

Regardless of your retail point, you should mainly consider the ability of the company to manufacture well-made sunglasses that your clients will enjoy.

If you receive a reputation for poorly-made shades, even if you are only charging discount rates, your brand will quickly lose business with each pair purchased.

Sunglasses Manufacturers Customer Experience

As your partner will be supplying you with inventory for likely years to come, you want to choose a sunglasses production firm that is reliable, trustworthy and you can build a long-term relationship with.

It is hard to find accurate reviews for sunglasses manufacturers because many clients do not reveal their suppliers.

Also, many manufacturers or trading companies will purchase fake reviews from non-clients in order to boost their online reputation.

Next, you will need to make sure the business can clearly communicate and understand your ideas.

As a majority of the sunglasses manufacturing businesses are located overseas, you must find one who can accommodate the time difference and language barriers.

Nothing can throw off your sunglasses brand worse than a miscommunication that results in an order of 1000+ pairs of glasses that have a wrong logo placement, design flaw, or high defective ratio for finished products, so make sure you are on the same page.

Find a Sunglasses Manufacturer that Meets Delivery Times

The fashion world changes rapidly and sunglasses are seasonal products.  So it is essential that your production partner can meet the agreed-upon deadlines.

When selecting a sunglasses manufacturer, make sure that they have the proper production facilities, agile assembly line and labor capacity to fulfill not only the order amounts that you currently need, but also larger amounts for the future.

As your company grows and you attract more clients, you may need dozens more styles and production runs up to 1000% higher than your initial requirements.

Selecting a production partner that is able to meet deadlines in all situations will keep you at the forefront of the sunglasses fashion world, resulting in more sales and revenues.

Fully Certified Sunglasses Manufacturers

Next, you will want to make sure that the company that manufacturers your sunglasses has the proper certifications to ensure your products can legally be sold around the world.

CE-certified sunglasses manufacturers have received approval from Conformité Européenne, which means that they conform to all safety, health and environmental requirements within the European Union.

This is crucial because it makes importing CE-certified sunglasses into EU countries extremely easy, while also increasing value for the goods in the retail market.

ISO Approved sunglasses manufacturers have been certified by the International Organization for Standards, which is a 164-nation body that ensures the manufacturing process and quality assurance of your sunglasses, meet the necessary requirements.

Like the CE certification for sunglasses, the ISO certified sunglasses manufacturing means that your products will be able to ship worldwide, while boosting value in the resale market.

Assessing the Sunglasses Manufacturing Process

Once you have found the right sunglasses manufacturing company based on the above criteria, you will still want to qualify their procedure to make sure it is exactly what you expect.

Below are the steps you should take before selecting a sunglasses provider:

1)     For OEM sunglasses manufacturers, you will provide a spec sketch for your project based on your desires. Then, they will create a mold as per the design.

For ODM manufacturers, you can simply let them know what you are looking for in a pair of sunglasses such as a general style. Then they can use an existing or new mold to make them.

2)     Next, both OEM and ODM manufacturers should offer you manufacturer’s mock-up samples, for you to customize and tailor to your exact specifications.

3)     After you have finalized the specs, dimensions, colors, fitting, brand placement and more with both OEM and ODM manufacturers, you should have an exact production agreement that includes but not limited to cost-per-unit, total units needed and the delivery date.

4)     Before mass production, the mold will be created (or an existing mold will be used if necessary from an ODM supplier) and a final prototype for all designs will be delivered. This is your last opportunity to make any changes, before the mass production is completed and you have your sunglasses for distribution.

T H Sunglasses, Your Premier Manufacturing Experts

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Our advanced manufacturing procedures include both OEM and ODM capabilities, based on your preference. All of the products we deliver are 100% ISO approved and CE certified, increasing the value of your sunglasses and allowing for global distribution.

Our regulated manufacturing process includes the highest level of quality assurance across all levels of production, while our diverse manufacturing team includes specialists that speak fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

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