When it comes to investing in high-quality sunglasses, you can only get it right when you have a well-trusted vendor.

Designer sunglasses might deceive you and probably won’t meet your required standards

A trustworthy sunglasses vendor will be able to get a variety of sunglasses that look perfect on your pretty face.


The pros & cons of buying sunglasses from overseas Like Ali Express, eBay and other E-commerce platforms·


  • Variety: Most of these e-commerce platforms offer a place for both the manufacturers and retailers to market their products.

By doing this, different sunglasses manufacturers can sell their products giving buyers a variety of options to select.

  • Low cost: Buying from overseas platforms allows buyers to purchase sunglasses at a lower price because of two significant reasons:
  • Direct contact with the manufacturer.
  • Strong competition between sellers.


  • Quality, Difficult to return, refund or reorder: The quality of sunglasses should be of utmost priority.

Sunglasses are often displayed in such a manner to look attractive to buyers only to find out that they are low quality upon receiving it.

They may also be difficult to return, refund, or reorder because of the extra steps and potential costs aren’t worth it.

  • Loose delivery time: When you are purchasing sunglasses, it may be difficult to determine the time of delivery.

Depending on the logistics/shipping company used, delivery might take longer than expected causing loss of local customers.

  • High MOQ requirement for each model: As mentioned earlier, manufacturers market their products via these platforms, every company has their minimum order quantities (MOQ) for each model.

For example, if the MOQ for a particular sunglasses model is 500 pieces; an end-user won’t be able to afford it.

  • Communication issues: Communication might also be a problem if the seller works on different time zones, holidays, and cultures different from your country.

These factors may cause misunderstandings if you are not aware of or familiar with them.


Benefits of Having a Domestic Vendor

We will explain the benefits of having a trusted domestic vendor in your country:

  •  Expertise:

- A trusted domestic vendor will have been in the business for some years.

- This will add to their wealth of knowledge and know more about the business than other laymen.

- They can easily share their experience with you to aid you in making purchase decisions.

  • Easy communication:

- In this case, time zones are not a barrier; you can have direct contact with the vendor during regular business hours without any form of interruption.

- A phone call is enough to get in touch with the seller which helps in building a lasting relationship.

  • Statistical input:

- With this, you can easily have access to the best sellers and follow the trends of a particular model within your locality.

  • Faster Delivery:

- You have access to fast delivery services since there are linear transport systems that allow product transfer from one place to another in a speedy manner.

  • More payment processing security:

- You have access to numerous payment options that are secure. The exchange of cash for products is also more of a smooth process.

  • Lower MOQ required:

- Domestic vendors offer a lower MOQ than the overseas manufacturers, making it easier for local retailers to buy.

- The MOQ can be as low as one dozen.

  • Quality Guaranteed:

- You will also have access to their physical store or warehouse where you can determine the quality of sunglasses with your own eyes.

- If a problem occurs, you can request for refund easily.

Factors you need to consider when searching the right vendor

- There are factors you need to put into consideration before choosing your domestic sunglass vendor and we will highlight them below:

  •  Experience in the market:

- Years in the sunglass business is very important, go for vendors that have acquired in-depth knowledge through experience so that they can tell you what to look out for when buying sunglasses.

  • Available product selections and inventory:

- You should be able to check different variations, checking inventory, and models available to select from.

  •  Product requirement:

- If the vendor does not have the same taste as you, then you should know it’s not the right one for you!

  •  Quality of sunglasses:

- Check the vendor product for high-quality sunglasses. 

  • Company Organization: 

- Observe closely if the company is well organized in offering services to clients and how they address challenges such as product qualities, damages, and general customer service.


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