There are just too many sunglasses styles and shapes to select.

That creates a bit of difficulty to pick more sunglass shapes that we are costumed to, but on the other hand, fortunately, not so many face shapes and THAT will make it easy on you and your clients to select a style that enhances their facial features and fashion style.

First of all, you need to identify their face shape, either heart, square, round, oval, or diamond shape, once you identify the face shape all the fun begins, start selecting sunglasses and let them be bold and adventurous.

For Heart-Shaped Faces

Triangular-shaped faces need a sunglass that can help broaden their delicate jawline.

If you have a broad brow and a narrow chin, try a sunglass style with bottom-heavy frames.

Shapes that are parallel and extend past the width of your face will complement your strong jawline.

Aviators, Cat Eye, and Browline are great options as the sloping silhouette contrasts your V-shaped chin.


For Her For Him


For Square-Shaped Faces

Colors such as tortoise and neutral tones help soften and subtly frame the face, while lenses with a warm amber tint add a cool and retro look.

Soften your features with curvy frames, such as an oval or rectangular pair with rounded edges.

Modern cat eyes, round, and Aviators with soft downward lines and curves will also balance your angles.


For Her For Him


For Round-Shaped Faces

Rectangular sunglasses balance your round features as this style will help elongate your face, bringing attention upward.

We suggest a sunglass style of a brow bar, which is perfect for a round face as it gives the wearer a fun defined shape.

Another solid option is a pair of classic cat-eye or aviators with sweeping angles.

Try not to go too oversize, large frames will overpower your perfect circle.


For Her For Him


For Oval-Shaped Faces

Oval-shaped faces have the second to most wiggle room when choosing their eyewear.

You basically get to wear whatever you want.

However, we recommend skipping perfect circle frames which won’t elongate your face shape.


For Her For Him


For Diamond-Shaped Faces

Luck you! Diamond-shaped faces like Rihanna have the widest range of options to work with.

You can get weird with tiny John Lennon spectacles, go oversized like penny Lane of Almost Famous, or experiment with futuristic shapes.


For Her For Him


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