Whenever you talk about sunglasses, you might think of a few well-known designer brands.

However, when most consumers buy and wear these sunglasses, they can’t help but wonder: “Are brand names really better”?

For some people, brand-name sunglasses can be too expensive.

When they still have doubts about the quality of cheaper sunglasses. So, what can they do?

First, sunglasses can be broken up into two parts, the frame, and the lens.

For most consumers, the main factors to consider when choosing sunglasses are their shape and material.

We advise consumers to choose frames based on their face shape.

But the key to the quality of sunglasses is the material of the frames.

Cheap vs. Expensive Sunglasses Frame Material

The common perception is that expensive sunglasses are better than their budget counterparts because they always feature higher-quality frame material.

Some brands are committed to using premium materials.

It is often the case that expensive sunglasses are made from the same frame materials as cheap glasses.

You can find Middle-tier sunglasses brands in the $50 range.

They use considerably better quality materials than the $10 glasses you see in clothing or convenience stores.

This means that they provide the comfort and longevity you need, without the $500 price tag.

However, designer brands do not necessarily equal better frame materials.

Remove the logo from the glasses and put them side-by-side with another pair, it would be hard to tell the difference.

This means that while you may be spending hundreds of dollars more for designer sunglasses, you are likely getting shades that are made from the same plastic, metal, or titanium as their $50 competitors.

Cheap vs. Expensive Sunglasses Lenses.

The choice of lenses is also important to most consumers. The function and quality of the lens are essential.

It’s easy to believe that when you spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of luxury sunglasses.

You will be receiving the highest level of UV protection and even polarization, in order to keep your eyes safe.

The fact is that due to efficient manufacturing today, you can easily find a pair of high-quality sunglasses with 100% UV protection and polarization for as little as $10.

Common sense may dictate that you’re keeping your eyes safer with a pair of expensive sunglasses.

The budget pair that also offers 100% UV protection will have the same effect.


The price will be higher for sunglasses to serve many functions, such as UV protection, eyesight correction, and polarization, and be suitable for outdoor use, 

The quality and function of the lens are the factors that determine price, rather than the brand.

Therefore, expensive brand-name sunglasses do not necessarily mean good quality multifunctional sunglasses.

For a majority of people simply looking for a pair of stylish and comfortable sunglasses that protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars.

The quality and functionality of budget sunglasses match those of their expensive counterparts.

If you buy an expensive pair of sunglasses, all that extra money is going toward the branding and expenses of the company.

Many people are fascinated by designer sunglasses due to their advertising, but when they buy these sunglasses, more than half of the cost is for that same advertising, not the quality.

Based on our market research, the rise of budget sunglasses companies over the past decade proves that consumers are more interested in paying for a pair of sunglasses they truly like than the brand name.

The ability to manufacture high-quality sunglasses at budget prices and distribute them directly online means that the companies can pass down the savings to the consumers.

Without having to pay for the brand’s expensive marketing campaigns, distribution, and brick-and-mortar retail stores, it’s clear that the biggest difference between cheap and expensive sunglasses is the additional costs, not the quality.

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