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What is blue light and why we need to protect our eyes from it?

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Blue light is exactly that: light with blue wavelengths—which are supposedly beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood.

However, these lights are great for the daytime because they keep us awake and bad at night because they often impede sleep.

Continued exposure to blue light over time could damage retinal cells and cause vision problems such as age-related macular degeneration.

It can also contribute to cataracts, eye cancer, and growths on the clear covering over the white part of the eye.



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In 2019, the average US adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes on their mobile devices.

That's roughly 50 days a year.

In 2020 that time increased to 4 hours.

That is over 60 days a year.



How can we fix this conundrum?

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With an anti-blue light reader!

These glasses will filter out UV rays and blue light from screens without any damage to your eyes at all.

Even so, blue light is still needed.

The human eye has a natural ability to block out most of the harmful blue light and what's left is converted to harmless violet and infra-red rays.

When you're using your computer or iPad or tablet for long hours, this process doesn't work as intended. 

Our eyes are not able to filter out all the harmful UV rays that are emitted from these screens, which cause damage to them over time.

Blue Light Reading Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses can help to filter out a percentage of blue light and lessen eye fatigue when you're working on your computer screen or using electronic devices.

Anti-Blue Light Readers

The general consensus is that blue light is harmful to the body, especially for your eyes and near-sightedness.

The problem is, some studies have found that blue-light-blocking glasses can be damaging to your eyes at the same time.

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