How to shoot sunglasses?

A useful lesson for self-operated e-commerce: 

Way's online shopping boom has brought more convenience to people's lives than ever before.

But what is it that drives consumers to pay for an order when they can't physically see the product?

It's attractive pictures or videos!

When you can't actually see or touch the product, you have to rely on pictures to get information about the product.

In the field of e-commerce, pictures can not only lead to a transaction but also make the customer leave instantly.

Knowing how to take beautiful pictures of products has become an important issue for self-operated e-commerce. 

Although it is possible to commission an external photography team to take pictures of products, it is a huge additional cost for a small cost self-operated e-commerce company.

In addition, only your own team is clear about the direction of the products you want to convey.

For sunglasses, the most troubling thing must be that the lenses of sunglasses are very reflective when taking photography.

Today, we will share some practical tips for taking pictures of sunglasses, so you can try them out and get a glamorous product photo!

◉ STEP 1: Preparation

Before taking your photos, you must first prepare the props needed for shooting.

To shoot sunglasses, ideally, you would like to use a Single Reflex Lens camera (SLR).

You should be able to adjust the aperture and shutter speed to control the depth of field and brightness of the photo (a digital camera or smartphone will also suffice).

In order to set up the background for the photo shoot, you need to prepare a large sheet of black or white cloth.

The black cloth will make the details of the product more obvious; the white cloth will feel slightly softer.

You'll also need to prepare a reflector, with a small sheet of black or white cardstock (or paperboard), to absorb the reflective part of the glasses lenses.

You'll also need to prepare 1-2 on the left and right side of the product fill light, and finally, you'll need to prepare the camera tripod, used to fix the shooting angle.

◉ STEP 2: Scene layout and lighting test

After preparing the above shooting props, start to set up the scene for photography.

Set up a large sheet of black or white cloth in the back, as a background.

Place the sunglasses you want shoot, and the props (such as glasses cases, books, etc.).

After the placement is complete, you will enter the most critical and most demanding step - lighting.

Although most digital cameras have automatic exposure modes, it is still recommended to use manual ISO and aperture settings.

Many professional graphic photography teams will have light-measuring devices, for smaller e-commerce teams, you can use a light-measuring app first.

While measuring light, also adjust the angle of the reflective plate, and the brightness of the fill light to find the best shooting environment.

The most important thing is to carefully record the value of each light measurement, so you can easily adjust it in the future.

◉ STEP 3: Coordinating Sunglasses and Post-production

When displaying the products, try to take the same angle for each pair of sunglasses.

The most important ones are the front view and 90-degree angle so that consumers can compare the difference between each style.

When taking photos of reflective or dyed transparent lenses on the frame, more reflective panels can be used to eliminate excess or unwanted reflections.

These reflective parts may be misunderstood by consumers as product defects or poor quality.

In the case of transparent plastic frames, it is recommended to reduce the brightness of the shot to ensure a clear photo of the product first.

Then increase the overall brightness through photo editing software.

Similarly, if you have adjusted the angle of the reflector several times, but still cannot completely eliminate the reflection.

You should try to adjust the angle of the product and try taking the photo again.

In difficult lighting, adjust the reflector to eliminate parts of the reflection when taking photos.

Finally through the photo editing software stitch the photos taken, only to retain the results of the non-reflective parts.

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