Needed by many people, but simply don’t know it! We explore when it is time for you to buy them.

While a majority of people who need prescription glasses suffer from myopia, or nearsightedness, reading glasses become more of a necessity as years go on.

Especially in today’s tech-centric world where people are constantly looking at computer screens, smartphones, and tablets, the need to buy reading glasses is becoming more prominent.

As the experts in everything to do with eye-wear, we have compiled a list of five reasons that you may need reading glasses.

1. If You Have Blurry Vision While Reading...

The most obvious reason is simple when you cannot clearly read anymore.

If you experience blurry vision when attempting to read a book or your computer, then it is likely time for reading glasses.

However, blurry vision can also occur from reading too long.

So, the next time you begin to have issues reading clearly, we encourage you to take a five-minute break to rest your eyes.

If when you return, you find that your vision is still blurry, then you should start shopping for reading glasses.

2. If Your Eyes Get Extremely Tired...

With a majority of people today spend up to eight hours looking at their computer, then additional time on their mobile devices, our eyes can suffer from excessive strain on a daily basis.

With a variety of fonts, shapes, and lighting across devices, as well as the fact that text on mobile devices can be extremely small, the muscles around your eyes can become fatigued.

If you discover that your eyes are getting very tired while working on a computer or from using your phone, then it is possible that you need reading glasses.

As with reading, we recommend you take regular breaks from your computer or mobile devices.

If the problems keep up, then you should buy reading glasses to lessen the strain on your eyes.

3. If You Cannot Focus on Close Objects...

You should be able to focus on any reasonably-sized text from an arm’s length away.

Are you constantly adjusting your book, your kindle, or the newspaper when you are reading it?

Are you continuously losing your position when reading, skipping lines, or having an overall lack of focus?

Then you have one of the telltale signs of needing reading glasses.

If you do so because you cannot focus, you can view our collection of reading glasses now.

4. If You Need Extra Lights...

A sign of needing reading glasses which is directly related to aging, needing bright lights when reading is normal for those 40-years-old and above.

If you are already in a brightly lit room and you feel that you need to put on an extra lamp or even use a light that attaches to your book, it is time to think about reading glasses.

Since your eyes are unable to properly adjust to low light, the constant strain on your eye muscles during low-light situations is an indication that you need reading glasses.

5. If You Suffer from Regular Headaches...

If you experience frequent headaches while spending time at the computer or reading, they can be caused by constant eye strain.

With the extra need to focus intensely, your eye muscles accumulate pressure while having to concentrate on text for long periods of time.

This constant strain, as with the strain that comes with nearsightedness, can produce headaches on a regular basis.

Simply buying a pair of reading glasses can immediately prevent them, as the correction in vision means that your eyes will have to work less in order to focus.

Even after you buy reading glasses, you should still be sure to take regular breaks from reading a book or on the computer.

Anytime you step away, you give your eyes a break and reduce the chances of suffering from headaches.

Have any of the above Symptoms?

We have the solution for You!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then it’s time for you to buy your first pair of reading glasses.

Luckily, we have the widest selection of high-quality styles for you.

Our frames include premium styles that offer aspheric lenses, which are shown to be far better for your eyes than spherical lenses.

Our reading glasses include premium styles that offer aspheric lenses, which are shown to be far better for your eyes than spherical lenses.

(Image source from quora)

Why Aspheric Lenses Are Better for Your Eyes

Aspheric lenses provide several advantages for your eyes.

They are approximately 30% thinner than usual, making them more comfortable on your face, while also adding an extra touch of style.

However, the real benefits come with the constant magnification across the lens surface, which focuses light towards a single focal point on the back of your eye.

This means improved image quality, a wider field of view, no image distortion, and less blurriness.

Aspheric lenses provide sharper images by focusing light on a central point of your retina.

Aspheric lenses provide several advantages for your eyes.

(Image source from quora)

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