Kids of all ages are ready to go back to school.

We know they are looking for the best shapes and add to their wardrobe.

We scout fashion all over the world, found all the new classics, and uncovered the best back-to-school for 2021.

2021 brought not only the classic shapes but recreation of the classics.

Classic Futuristic if you may.

Metal insert notes and details that create a robust frame and help to accessories the rest of the wardrobe.

Solid square structure or a next-level cat-eye.

Inspired by the 70s, Oversized and bold.

  1. - Gold and Bold

This year, go heavy on the metal, even when frames are thin.

53121-FLP                                     5143-FLCR                                     3163-FLRV  

  1. -


Choose frames that are ultra-structured and geometric shapes.

Thin Square or long rectangular this shape will bring your look to new levels.

5175-FLSD                                                       34212-FLAP                                                     34226-FLSD

  1. – Cat eye

Make it big, make it over-size. 

More retro than ever, this 70’s vintage is the ghost of the future past.

34235-KGM                                                     34230-FLOCR                                                  34180-SD 

  1. – Fashion-forward

Tomorrow's fashion start today.

We place the style on your hand; you make them tomorrow’s fashion statement today.

3337-FLREV                                                     3188-FLREV                                                     34244-FLSD

  1. – Always in fashion, and always classic, always modern.

They never go out of style, and I’m sure they never will.

They have been the talk of the town since the last century.

 Becoming modern since the day was born and up to date year after year will match your fashion style with ease.

1429SAL-P                                                       5118-FLREV                                                     32151WD-P     

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