2021 Upcoming Streetwear Trends

The fashion industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and fashion is now centered around social media.

Online influencers and celebrities heavily influence street style.

Most individuals today turn to the internet to find the up-and-coming trends to follow.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the current streetwear trends and how you can add elements of these into your everyday wardrobe.


Upcoming Streetwear Fashion Trends

Celebrity Mala Elle Macpherson Yoga BOHO Chic Prayer Beads Faux Tahitian Pearl and Sandalwood

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After we’ve all spent so much time in the last year at home, everyone is itching to get out of the house and dress up once again.

However, the relaxed style will continue in some ways, with baggy and relaxed pants becoming a staple in wardrobes for men and women this year.

He is wearing aviator sunglasses:


We suggest model 25095AS-P

Spring hinge, polarized lens.



She is wearing horned-rim vintage-inspired sunglasses:


We suggest model 541076-P

Metal stopper, Polarized lens.





It’s time for bright colors to reappear once again, including bubblegum pink, check patterns, and vibrant floral patterns.

Layering is going to be popular throughout 2021, with leggings making an appearance under dresses so they can be worn all year round.

Having missed out on last summer, expect everyone to make the most of this summer by wearing cut-out dresses with unique sandals and shoes.

We’ll see all of these trends and more posted on social media this summer, with influencers staying one step ahead of current trends as always.

She is wearing a pair of oversized square butterfly sunglasses:


We suggest model 34194-FLAP

Metal stopper, Polycarbonate lens.







Street Style Sunglasses

With spring and summer fast approaching, a pair of sunglasses offers essential protection for your eyes, as well as a fashionable accessory.

While clothing is important to keep up to date with the current trends, sunglasses, and accessories are an inexpensive way to wear current street-style items without investing in a whole outfit.

In recent fashion week events around the world, men and women were seen wearing oversize statement sunglasses.

These huge rectangular or circular shades come in a wide variety of frames, but they all achieve the same overall look and statement.



Model 541108-SD Squared oversized women's sunglass

Squared metal bridge men sunglass, Model 53117-AP

Squared metal bridge men sunglass, Model 53117-AP








Sunglasses go well with any outfit, but try wooden frames, polarized sunglasses, or a leopard print frame for something a little different this year.



Cat-eye women sunglass 34222-FLKGM


Big & Tall square unisex sunglasses, Polarized lens, Faux wood frame. Model BG540987SWD-P








This accessory makes the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and can completely transform your whole look with just this one addition.


Instagram and Social Media Friendly Clothing

If you are looking to attract attention online this year, you’ll need to dress accordingly to stand out from the crowd.

To stand out online, you’ll want to add statement accessories and clothing to your wardrobe.

While muted and darker colors can look great when styled correctly, it’s always recommended to add a pop of color so that you’ll stand out when people are quickly scrolling through their Instagram feed.

When it comes to photogenic clothing, look for items that will slim and lengthen your body.

We all know different camera angles can alter your appearance, so you’ll want to take care when taking shots for your social media accounts.

Wide-legged pants can give the impression of having longer and slimmer legs and are best paired with a fitted top or sweater.

For something a little more dressy, we love off-the-shoulder dresses or bold-colored dresses.

You’ll want to be careful with patterns in photos, as these can sometimes distort your appearance.

If you are wearing something plainer, make sure you always finish off your outfit with a statement pair of sunglasses or an item of jewelry.

This can completely transform even the dullest outfit into a fantastic overall look.


Style Ideas from Music Videos

One way we love to get an idea about upcoming streetwear trends is by watching music videos, TV shows, and movies.

When it comes to music videos, these artists are always one step ahead of the crowd and have access to designer items and trends that will be released in the upcoming months.

When it comes to accessories, we love Billie Eilish’s iconic sunglasses.

The singer is always seen in shades with different colored frames, and they completely transform her overall look.


Aviator unisex, Model 540954WD-FM









Another style icon who is constantly releasing new music, and creating the Upcoming Streetwear is Selena Gomez.

Her recent De Una Vez music video showed her in a stunning pink floral dress that you can expect to see on women around the world this year.


With the fast-paced world, we live in today, street style trends are always changing.

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