Looking good and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays at the same time is not an easy task.  Aviators, square and Horned Rim seem to be the formula to achieve that standard. Check out best seller polarized sunglasses below.

Not all faces are the same and not everyone have the same activities and likes; here are some of the must-Have styles to make a loud statement about what inspires your life.

This season belongs to the retro inspired styles, some with colorful lenses and faux wood inspirations, the perfect selling point for 2019.

Here is our list of our best sellers:


Rank #15


Explore our huge selection of Square & Rectangular Sunglasses at T H Sunglasses wholesale. Looks great on everyone! 1305TT-P
Square Shape, Horned Rim and Double Bridge, Metal brow bar, Slim frame.


Rank #14


Aviator-Style-Polarized-Lens-25095AS-PRV |T H Sunglass Wholesale
The Perfect Aviator, Unisex style with spring hinges and color mirror lenses.


Rank #13


Wrap(sport)-Polarized-lens-Style-570108-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Sport Wrap, Double injection color accents.


Rank #12


Square-Style, Polarized Lens 53108TT-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Square Shape, Double Bridge, Metal brow bar, Slim frame.


Rank #11


Horned-Rim-Style, Polarized Lens-541019WD-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Half Frame, Faux Wood Frame.


Rank #10


Square-Style, Polarized Lens 1408-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Flat Top, Square Frame.


Rank #9


Square-Style, Polarized Lens 540894WD-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Flat Top, Square Faux Wood Frame.


Rank #8


Square-Style, Polarized Lens 540894TT-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Flat Top, Square Frame.


Rank #7


Square-Style, Polarized Lens 1418-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Square and Robust frame with Metallic Accents.


Rank #6


Ladies Square-Style, Polarized Lens 34167TT-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Square Butterfly Ladies Style with Metallic Accents.


Rank #5


Horned-Rim-Style, Polarized Lens-541076WD-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Square Frame, Horned Rimmed, Faux Wood and Metal Stoppers.


Rank #4


Square-Style, Polarized Lens 5133-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Square Aviator, Metal Frame.


Rank #3


Wrap(sport)-Polarized-lens-Style-570113-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Wrap Style, Retro Inspired.


Rank #2


Wrap(sport)-Polarized-lens-Style-1409-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Square Frame, Lightweight Temples and Color Accents.


Rank #1


Horned-Rim-Style, Polarized Lens-5401ASWD-P |T H Sunglass Wholesale
Retro Inspired, Horned Rim, Faux Wood, Spring Hinges.


Where to Find the Best Sunglasses for Summer Fun

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